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First Homes Subdivision of Injap Land Corporation in Navais, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Philippines

First Homes Subdivision is a town homes project of Injap Land Corporation. It is a closed-gated subdivision located in Navais, Mandurriao District in Iloilo City near the old Iloilo Airport. It is also ten minutes from downtown. The area has never been flooded and it is within Iloilo City.

Iloilo is surely catching up with its economic development, thanks to Mr. Edgar Sia’s young and aggressive business acumen.

First Homes is a town homes project of only 111 units. It is simply unique. It has hot and cold water, smoke and fire alarm, CFTV camera, waste water treatment, which are among many firsts in a development in Iloilo.

It is a high class development made affordable. It has two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom town homes.

Click the Play button and wait for the video to load to watch the video presentation...

Scroll down to view photos of model units and interiors...

First Homes Facilities and Amenities

  • A gated community having:
  • 8 feet high perimeter fence
  • CCTV
  • Emergency lights
  • Smoke and fire alarm
  • Limited to 111 units only,
  • Quality finishing of units
  • Landscaped mini parks in every block
  • Screened homeowners
  • Swimming pool and elegantly furnished clubhouse
Life enhancing
  • Within the city
  • 43.02% open space, tree lined and fully landscaped
  • Hot and cold water
  • Water cistern for MIWD and rain catchment
  • Solar powered street lights
  • First class amenities – swimming pool and clubhouse
  • Dramatic entrance gate
Quality and durability
  • 3,000 PSI walls load barring wall
  • No concrete hollow blocks
  • Higher appraised of value by banks and Pag-Ibig
  • AI TECH approved building system by GSIS and Pag-Ibig
  • Higher earthquake and typhoon resistance
  • Maintenance free, no deterioration for life
Scroll down to see the photos of the model unit and interiors and for a schedule of FREE CONSULTATION and NO COMMITMENT site and property tripping! ... 

A few of the many benefits of owning a First Home:
  • Amenities worth Php1.2 million with only 111 units in the village
  • For a Php2 million home, you secure you and your family Php6 million worth of CCTV, burglar alarm, fire and smoke alarm, emergency lights, guard house and gate and perimeter fences around the village
  • Fuel consumption is much less going to the city. This will translate to savings of no less than Php5,000 monthly compared if you're living in Villa, Pavia, Tabuk Suba, Zarraga, etc.
  • Every buyer saves no less than Php50,000 in transfer tax and documentary stamp as these amounts are already included in the selling price. You also save up to Php120,000 worth of architect's, structural/electrical/sanitary engineers' fees, permits, licenses, surveyor's works and building and occupancy permits.
  • Built in water cistern with pressurized pump in every unit that will be easily no less than Php25,000.
  • Php20,000 in savings since MIWD water supply, PECO power and PLDT telephone line will all be ready for connection.

Do you like the First Homes model unit and interiors? Wait until you see the actual site and unit!...

So, what are you waiting for? Visit or contact us today for a schedule of a FREE CONSULTATION and NO COMMITMENT property and site tripping using our Contact Us page above! You may also take with you your loved ones for the tripping since we have a brand new 10-seater van to take you all there!

To know the profile and view photos of perspective, floor plans and interiors of other projects of Injap Land Corporation in Ioilo, visit Injap Land Corporation's projects.


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