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Isabella Model House of Monticello Villas of PRO-FRIENDS in Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo, Philippines

Isabella is a model house of Monticello Villas, a subdivision project of PRO-FRIENDS or Property Company of Friends, Inc. located in Barangay Balabag, Pavia in Iloilo.

It is a two-storey, 40 square meter townhouse on 45 square meter lot area. It has three bedrooms with partitions, one toilet and bath, a living room, dining area, kitchen, laundry/service area, provisions for a one-car garage.

House Features
  •     Three bedrooms with partition
  •     One toilet and bath
  •     Living area
  •     Dining area
  •     Kitchen area
  •     Laundry and service area
  •     Provision for carport
Materials and Finish
  •     Pre-painted roofing
  •     Steel casement windows
  •     Pre-cast panel system
  •     Painted exterior/interior
  •     Tiled kitchen counter
  •     Tiled toilet and bath
  •     Cement floor finish

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