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Acropolis Iloilo by Sta. Lucia Realty and Development in Brgy. San Jose, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines

Acropolis Iloilo is the latest additional to the elite brand of Acropolis Subdivisions developed by property giant, Sta. Lucia Realty and Development, Inc. which started with the trend-setting The Acropolis in Libis, Quezon City in a joint-venture with Trans Visayan Development Corporation.

It sets on an 8.6-hectare prime property in Barangay San Jose, Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City.

An urban oasis

Iloilo’s fast-paced economic progress and transformation has earned the city its rightful title as the “Jewel of the South” With all the construction frenzy, movement of people, goods and the accompanying congestion, residents now are feeling the increased hustle and bustle and hassles that seems to come naturally with a highly urbanized living.

Fortunately for Ilonggos, a new and distinct residential-commercial community is steadily shaping up right in the heart of historic Villa Arevalo to ease their worries: an enclave where families could get away from the stress of city life and yet access all its modern conveniences with much ease. Some people call it an urban oasis. Its lot owners call it home. The project proponents named it Acropolis Iloilo.

A mere 15-minute drive from the city proper, Acropolis Iloilo’s strategic location gives its future residents the opportunity to fully embrace modern urban life while enjoying old-world feel and uncomplicated atmosphere of Villa Arevalo. Access to churches, schools, hospitals, malls, the main commercial-business districts and the famed beaches of Villa is assured with the existing national hi-way and enhanced further with the planned construction of Metro Iloilo’s future land transport backbone - the proposed Circumferential Road No. 1 or C-1, within the immediate periphery of the subdivision.


How to get there: Take Gen. Luna Street route to reach Molo Plaza. From Molo Plaza, go straight to AvanceƱa Street up to JV Jocson Street. Turn right along the circumferential road and you will reach Acropolis Iloilo.

Envisioned as the future home of the city’s prime movers and shakers, Acropolis Iloilo’s low density, close-knit community of less than 180 families will continue to contribute and enjoy the fruits of Iloilo’s progress without compromising the essentials of quality living.

Features and Amenities:
  •     8.6 hectares of prime real estate
  •     Entrance gate and guard house
  •     Clubhouse
  •     Basketball court
  •     Swimming pool
  •     Wide Concrete road network
  •     Paved sidewalks with concrete curbs and gutters
  •     Centralized interrelated water system
  •     Underground drainage system
  •     Electrical system
Acropolis Iloilo is very near to all modes of transportation and is very accessible even at the far reaches of the city, go to the beaches with your family, shop in the malls or even just lazing around in the village makes everything easy and comfortable.

Acropolis Iloilo is within proximity to:

    General hospital               15 minutes
    Downtown area                15 minutes
    Seaside                              5 minutes
    Shopping mall                  15 minutes
    Police station                    15 minutes
    Fire station                       15 minutes
    Domestic airport               45 minutes
    International airport          45 minutes

Do you like the features and amenities of Acropolis Iloilo?

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