Have a career in real estate as broker, agent, marketer or referer

Do you want to have a career in the real estate industry as broker, agent, marketer or referer (part-time or full time)?

Join our proud and motivated Sales and Marketing Team!We are a real estate brokerage and marketing company borne out of the need to recognize the ethics in selling, deliver quality homes, and sell dreams and investments. Our mission is to exceed in delivering the expectations of its clients and investors through the honest marketing of its products and services. Our aim is not only to ensure profit and quality service, but also create customer loyalty through ethical selling and continued excellent service in the form of consultations and good, sound advice regarding the real estate market.

We offer attractive commissions, incentives and intensive training.

We offer the best-value-for-money deals in the real estate industry. Our sales force not only have the best products to offer their clients but also benefit from the markeing support we offer.

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