How Much Does A Van Build Cost?

So you’ve chosen to construct a van and traverse the globe. You can taste the independence. Every morning waking up to a fresh vista, hitting the road in search of new locations to explore, and being on your own schedule. You’ve chosen you want to be a part of this incredible fantasy.

  1. But first, you must begin saving money, which includes understanding how much to save.
  2. To determine this, you must know the vehicle you wish to convert and the cost of converting a van into a campervan.
  3. We are now constructing our third Camper van, having previously utilized a 1996 Dodge B2500, a 2008 Sprinter Van, and a 2019 Ford Transit van.

Each van was used for distinct forms of travel, and each was constructed differently. However, the essential products and their pricing have not changed. You may construct your vehicle for less than $1,000 or up to $20,000 in materials. To determine how much it will cost to convert a van or YOUR vehicle into a campervan, you may use this checklist to determine which features are essential for you.

How much does van conversion cost?

The cost of finishing touches for a mid-range van conversion is approximately: $600 This should be sufficient to cover paint, tiles, and other decorative elements. Adding finishing touches to a luxury van conversion will cost approximately: $1500+ This should include not just paint and tiles, but also carpets, exquisite furniture, and even even artwork!

How much does the construction of a campervan cost?

Vinny versus Pearl The moment has come to present you to our two campervan constructions. (Yes, our vehicles have names!) “Vinny”

  • Make & Model: 1994 Chevrolet G20
  • Approximately 81,000 miles when purchased.
  • Roof: Low ridge
  • The automobile was purchased for $2,000
  • We completed the construction of this vehicle in less than one week.
  • This van was outfitted with a Coleman two-burner stove, a gravity-fed water container, a cooler, and a simple bed structure. We did not insulate or add flooring. We did not have a bathroom or shower, and our sole source of electricity was a tiny inverter that could only be plugged in when the van was in motion. The majority of the materials for our van project came from charity stores, and we borrowed the necessary tools.
  • There are not a lot of ways we could have saved significantly more money. Vinny was one of the most rudimentary/budget constructions we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a bunch!).
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  • Make & Model: 2019 Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 (short wheelbase)
  • fewer than 30,000 miles at the time of purchase
  • Roof: High-pitched roof
  • Cost of vehicle: $20,000 (10 times the price of our first van!)
  • We spent around three months on the construction in all (not every day).
  • In terms of bells and whistles, we rate this campervan built to be of middle- to high-end quality. We installed windows, insulation, flooring, walls, and a ceiling. We are able to operate online from our vehicle due to solar panels and a somewhat stable power supply. In addition, we have a premium composting toilet, an electric water pump, and a simple outdoor shower. We also invested time (and money!) in the creation of lovely DIY touches.
  • Price Point: We could probably make additional enhancements to most areas of the van, but certain features (like as the composting toilet) are top-of-the-line.

Now that you understand how these builds differ, let’s proceed.

Should you purchase a used or new van?

How much did our DIY Van Conversion cost? I COST BREAKDOWN

How Much Does A Van Build Cost I’m confident that gyms will catch on to the fact that vanlifers utilize their showers, toilets, and free WiFi. But until then, you may use the restrooms and showers at gyms around the US for free for as little as $22 per month. Check out my list of the best travel gym subscriptions.

  • Planet Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, VASA Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and YouFit are among the least costly countrywide gyms with the most locations.
  • That’s a great deal of fitness, no? Considering you’ll pay between $5 and $15 for a single shower at a truck stop, RV park, or campground, a gym membership is well worth the cost.
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In addition, there are water fountains where you can refill your water bottle for free and perhaps even get in a little workout. The initial (and typically largest) cost of van living is purchasing the vehicle itself. Prior to spending a lot of money on a vehicle, you should carefully consider the characteristics you must have and those you can do without.

  1. Check out my best picks for converted secondhand campervans.
  2. It’s tempting to become excessively enthusiastic and worried that you’ll miss a fantastic price, but the more you consider how you’ll use your van on a regular basis, the more sensible your van purchase will seem.
  3. For instance, I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to live in a van (or whether I’d even enjoy it! ), so I settled for a used, inexpensive van.

Purchasing an older, more affordable van results in reduced tax rates. This article may contain affiliate links. If you have a larger budget and desire a newer, more spacious van, you have that choice as well. The three most popular new van models are as follows: *Dodge RAM Promasters, beginning at around $34,000 *Ford Transits, beginning at approximately $36,000 *Mercedes Sprinters, beginning at approximately $55,000 While a fancier van is an option, it might limit your lifestyle options.

What is the price of a Sprinter van?

Consequently, How Much Did My Sprinter Van Cost? – My Sprinter van was sitting in the desert. My Sprinter cargo vehicle cost a grand total of $72,605 for an empty shell. Not inexpensive, yes? Here’s a breakdown of costs: 2021 Sprinter 144 WB Diesel 4×4: $64,797 Local and State Taxes: $2,777 Tag Fee: $400 $700 Customer Service Fee Extended Service Contract: $3,945 I made a substantial down payment and financed the remainder at a cost of 3% through the dealership.

  1. Here are the packages and options my Sprinter vehicle came with.
  2. The Mercedes dealership in Knoxville had already made orders for a number of Sprinter vans prior to my purchase.
  3. I chose the vehicle with the desired color and features for a camper van: Sprinter Van Base Price: $42,000 Stone Gray Hue: $670.00 $60 for Leatherette Seats $377 for the Comfort Package (Seats) Fundamental Comfort Package: $269 Driver Convenience Package: $753Cargo Convenience Package: $652 Exterior Lighting Bundle: $1,5924 High to Low: $8,175 $527 for Swivel Seat Package Price for a High Roof: $2,850 Roof Railings Cost $297 Extra Battery Cost: $246 $215 for an electrically heated windshield There are many more choices that came with my Sprinter van that I will not list here, but you can see that each option raises the price of your Sprinter van.
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The price of the vehicle with all extras was $64,797.