How To Clean Beauty Blender At Home?

How To Clean Beauty Blender At Home
Our experts recommend using mild bar soap, dish soap, or the beautyblender washing solid for the best results when cleaning a beautyblender. This brand’s cleansing solid (also available as a, if you like) is precisely intended to remove stains without destroying sponges.

  1. Soak your sponge and massage it against the bar of soap, paying special attention to soiled areas.
  2. Squeeze the sponge under running water until the water flows clean and squeezing the sponge no longer produces suds. Repeat step one if the stain persists.
  3. Roll sponge out on a dry cloth and allow to dry naturally.

Can I just rinse my Beautyblender with water?

Use the microwave to sterilize your makeup sponge in step 4. Try the microwave approach if you want to take extra care to kill bacteria without using a washing machine. Follow the instructions below to avoid having a melted mess if you simply throw it in there.

  • First, combine soap and water.
  • Mix water and a few squirts of soap in a cup that can be used in the microwave (a mug works great).
  • No precise dimensions are required; only ensure that the sponge can be completely soaked.
  • Put your sponge in the soapy water after wetting it with clean water.
  • Olive oil can also be used for further cleaning.

Step two is to heat it. the cup in the microwave for about

How to Maintain a Clean Makeup Sponge – We recommend cleaning your blender after every usage to maintain the health of both your face and blender. Every cosmetic tool has the potential to contain germs and grease. A filthy brush or blender can cause acne, discomfort, sickness, improper application, and brush damage.

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Can outdated beauty blenders lead to acne?

Yes, because filthy sponges can be a source of infection, improperly cleansed beauty blenders or sponges can cause acne. Placing a damp Beautyblender in a cosmetic bag may result in blemishes or mold. Some cosmetic chemicals can block pores, leading to outbreaks.

Another time-saving suggestion is to soak it while you sleep. “For stubborn stains, add a tiny quantity of Blendercleanser into a bowl of water, lather, and then soak for several hours or overnight,” advises Silva. Additionally, you can use gentle cleansers such as Johnson’s baby wash.

  • Give it a couple squeezes upon awakening, and it will be ready to go.
  • Use a solid cleaner to eliminate very persistent stains.
  • Popular when it comes to keeping makeup equipment clean are liquid cleansers.
  • But occasionally you need something a bit more robust.
  • Silva states, “Our Blendercleanser solid was created to effectively remove stubborn stains.” Additionally, the bar soap includes a silicone pad with ridges.

They are ideal for times when a deeper yet gentler clean is required for Beautyblenders.5. Avoid insane hacks. You may have heard that microwaving a Beautyblender can destroy bacteria, but this Internet hack is not an efficient technique to clean beauty sponges.

  1. According to Papantoniou, this will not diminish the trash and oils remaining on the sponge.
  2. Microwaving has the ability to destroy germs and other organisms, however there may be exceptions.
  3. And by some, I mean the badass microorganisms.
  4. Using rubbing alcohol to clean Beautyblenders is a second tip to avoid.

Alcohol is usually recognized as a disinfectant, but according to Silva, you should never use strong liquids on Beautyblenders since they might harm the sponge. And Papantoniou concurs that the soap-and-water method is healthier for your skin. You may also like: Five Makeup Brushes You Will Never Need Again

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Does my Beautyblender have mold?

Do not use a Beautyblender that is moldy – Shutterstock If your cosmetic sponge is covered with black patches, we hate to inform you that mold is developing on it. There are various possible explanations for this, but one of the most prevalent is that you are storing it in a damp environment.

  • When you eliminate air and light from anything that is damp, mold and germs can begin to build,” Rea Ann Silva, the designer of the Beautyblender, explained to Health.
  • Avoid keeping your wet Beautyblender in a sealed bag; instead, choose a mesh bag that allows air to circulate.
  • You should always attempt to dry your sponge before storing it.

According to Ebony, you may accomplish this by placing it in a cool, well-ventilated room. Avoid using a moldy Beautyblender, since the mold and germs on it will be transferred directly to your face. If you wish to eliminate mold from your sponge, consider utilizing the brand’s cleaning products. How To Clean Beauty Blender At Home