How Much Does It Cost To Tint Home Windows?

Generally, the cost of residential window tinting ranges from $5 to $8 per square foot, with the majority of homeowners spending between $311 and $712 for expert installation. Prices for window tinting.

National Average Cost $661
Average Range $311 to $712

Installing window tinting is the most cost-effective approach, and it may also provide you with greater seclusion in areas of your home that are exposed to the elements. Home window tinting costs anywhere from $50 to $60 per square metre for window film, plus an additional $15 per square metre for labor fees, depending on the manufacturer.

What window tint should I buy?

– By selecting the ‘Customize Now’ button, you will be able to tell us what car you require tint for as well as what colour you like. – Our high quality tint shade options include 5 percent, 20 percent, 35 percent, and 50 percent. The kit is just for the two front side windows, one on each side of the vehicle, driver and passenger.

How much does a typical window tint cost?

Tinting automobile windows may cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000 or more on average, depending on the manufacturer. An average window tint made of regular dyed film can cost anywhere from $100 to $600, but a speciality film can cost anywhere from $250 to $600.

Should you get tinted home windows?

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