How To Install Barbed Wire Fence?

  1. Instructions for the Installation Unroll the fence or the barbed wire, and place it along the line of the fence where it was previously rolled up.
  2. Continue rolling past the end post until there is sufficient wire to wrap the product.
  3. To create a fence made of woven wire, first cut and strip the vertical wires, then wrap the horizontal wire over the end post and tie it off.
  4. If you want the best possible outcomes, you should make sure that the wires for the horizontal line are parallel to the post.

How do you tension a barbed wire fence post?

To maintain the tension, you will need to hook the wire around the post, twist it back, and then wrap it over itself 4-5 times. Begin unrolling the barbed wire in a careful manner until you reach the corner or end post.

How do you attach barbed wire to a radisseur?

  1. Remove the first line of barbed wire where the post is located, being sure to leave an additional 10 centimeters.
  2. You may secure the dangling end to the radisseur by threading it through the pin hole that is situated in the center of it.
  3. By turning the pin on the radisseur in a clockwise manner using a wrench, you may apply tension to the barbed wire.
  4. When you stretch it, you should only use one hand.

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