What Does Purple Paint On Fence Posts Mean?

In the same way that a green light indicates continue and a red light indicates stop, NO TRESPASSING can be indicated by painting trees or fence posts along a boundary line in purple.

What does a purple fence mean?

The regulations are different in each state, but in general, a fence painted purple indicates that trespassing is prohibited. Even if some landowners may still opt to post ″No Trespassing″ signs, there is a good chance that the signs will be taken down, vandalized, or worn out over time. However, the results of a fast coat of purple paint are long-lasting.

Is it legal to paint a fence post Purple?

Having said that, if you simply see it written on a fence post or painted on a tree as you pass by, you may merely give it a cursory scan and a curious look. In 1989, the practice was pioneered in Arkansas, and by 1997, the state of Texas had made the ″purple paint rule″ an official part of their legal code for marking private property.

What does a purple paint trespass warning sign mean?

It is common practice to publish information on the ‘purple paint’ trespass warning statutes in certain states under titles that are deceptive.If you see a fence post painted in purple, it means you are in a dangerous situation and should leave the area as soon as possible.In certain areas, painting fence posts with a shade of purple has the same legal weight as affixing a sign that reads ″do not trespass.″

How do you mark a fence with purple paint?

There are a variety of regulations regarding the use of purple paint (or any other color) to designate fences.In most cases, the paint marks have to be placed somewhere close to the top of the fence post or around chest height.The marks have to be sufficiently large so that they can be read from a considerable distance.Markings need to be a minimum of 8 inches broad and 12 inches tall to comply with the regulations in various areas.

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