How Much Does A Retaining Wall Cost To Build?

What Is the Average Cost of a Retaining Wall?

Wall Type Estimated cost per square metre by wall height
1 metre 2.4 metres 4 metres
Gabion basket gravity wall £350 per sqm £340 per sqm £435 per sqm
Masonry gravity wall £290 per sqm £350 per sqm Unsuitable
Interlocking concrete block gravity wall £240 per sqm £320 per sqm £440 per sqm

Building a retaining wall costs around $23 per square foot on average. Retaining wall prices average $19 per square foot, making them an affordable option for those on a tight budget. Retaining wall expenses are around $50 per square foot on the higher end of the spectrum.

Wood. If pricing is your primary issue, pressure-treated wood is the most cost-effective option for your retaining wall construction.

Is it cheaper to build a retaining wall or landscaping wall?

Due to the fact that retaining walls require far more work in terms of leveling, placement, weep holes, and drainage, they often cost significantly more than landscape walls. It is conceivable, however, to construct a basic retaining wall out of railroad ties for a lower cost than it would be to construct a landscaping wall out of bricks that includes built-in seats.

How much does retaining wall demolition cost?

What Is the Average Cost of a Retaining Wall? The Price of Retaining Wall Solutions Demolition of the whole concrete structure Leveling and grading are $5 per square foot. Heavy Equipment costs $1.31 per square foot. Materials cost $175. (see below for breakdown). $5-$32 per square foot 3 additional rows are required.

How much does a cinder block retaining wall cost?

It costs $20 to $35 per square foot, or $60 to $210 per linear foot, to construct a cinder block retaining wall, depending on the height. It is necessary to have a concrete or gravel base and footings as well as grout filling and rebar for support for cinder block retaining walls.

How much does it cost to replace a wall?

Aside from that, the old wall material will need to be removed and disposed of properly. This also adds an extra $20 – $30 per square foot to the building expenditures, bringing the total cost of replacement to close to $60 – $70 per square foot on average, depending on the materials used.

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What is the cheapest retaining wall to build?

What is the most cost-effective type of retaining wall to use? Poured concrete retaining walls are the most affordable form of retaining wall. Prices for poured concrete begin at $4.30 per square foot, rise to $5.65 for interlocking concrete block, $6.15 for pressure-treated wood, and reach about $11 for natural stone.

How do you calculate retaining wall?

When calculating the square footage of the outside face of a wall, multiply its height by its length (in feet) to obtain its square footage on the outside face. Then divide by 1.12 to get the answer. This enables for the foundation of the wall to be 12 percent of its height below the surface of the earth, which increases the stability of the wall.

How much do retaining walls cost Australia?

According to the tradesperson listing portal, a retaining wall would typically cost you between $137.50 and $250 per square metre. In other situations, you may be required to pay the contractor on an hourly basis instead, and according to, this will cost around $55 per hour on average.

Can I build my own retaining wall?

Select a construction material that is easy to work with. The materials used to construct retaining walls include wood, bricks, natural stones, and concrete blocks. Concrete retaining wall blocks, which may be interlocked and are substantial enough to stay in place without the use of cement or other glue, are the ideal choice for do-it-yourselfers.

How do you build a retaining wall on a sloped yard?

When constructing a retaining wall on a slope, there are several steps to take.

  1. Step #1: Make the trench compact and level by using a level.
  2. Step #2: Attach the wall rock to the wall.
  3. Step #3: Excavate the Second Level of the Basement.
  4. 4th Step: Layout the Foundation Course of Blocks.
  5. Compress the wall rock that is behind the blocks in Step #5.
  6. Step #6: Fill in the Step Up Areas with your information.
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How thick do retaining walls need to be?

Rules of thumb widely used by designers to determine the geometry of a wall include (but are not limited to) the following (see diagram): The breadth of the base equals 1/2 to 1/3 of the height of the wall. The base thickness should be equal to one-eighth the height of the wall, but not less than 12 inches. The thickness of the stem is 6 inches plus 14 inches for each foot of wall height.

How do I build a cheap retaining wall?

Was wondering what the cheapest form of retaining wall is. Retaining walls composed of wood and concrete blocks are the most affordable options for homeowners. It is the cost of the materials that determines whether or not it is economical or expensive to construct one. The most affordable design to make on your own is one made of treated wood.

How deep should wall footings be?

To be effective on most soils, footings should be at least 150mm (6′) deep, with the bottom 350 – 400mm (14-16′) below ground level at the very least. Footings that are thicker and deeper should be utilized on clay soil, on the other hand.

How much would it cost to build a wall?

The cost of constructing an inside wall is as follows:

National Minimum Cost $2,500
National Maximum Cost $6,500
National Average Cost $3,300
Average Range $2,500-$6,500

How much does it cost to build a limestone wall?

Our Limestone finish panels are estimated to cost between $140 and $170 per square metre, depending on the size of the panel. You may expect to pay between $180 and $300 per square metre for our premium Stone range and our Contemporary Architectural range, depending on your preferences.

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How deep do retaining wall posts need to be?

The premise on which I base my calculations is: half the height of the wall + 100mm. Consider the following example: if your wall is 800mm high, the holes for your posts should be 500mm deep. It’s time to set your posts in concrete and secure them in place. Sleeper retaining wall posts are available in two configurations: steel galvanised H Beams or vertical sleepers (see illustration).

How long does it take to build retaining wall?

Estimate three days to construct a wall that is four feet tall and fifteen feet long. Installed costs range from $10 to $15 per square face foot, depending on your location; costs will be greater if considerable excavation, soil preparation, and backfilling are required.

How high can a retaining wall be without council approval NSW?

You can only build retaining walls up to 600mm from the ground level in New South Wales without getting council clearance, however in the Queensland Gold Coast, you require building consent for retaining walls that are more than one metre high or more than 600mm from the ground level.

How much does it cost to install a retaining wall?

  1. HomeAdvisor has contributed to this article.
  2. The average cost of erecting a retaining wall is $5,661, according to Home Advisor.
  3. Typically, you’ll pay between $3,198 and $8,719, but certain projects might cost as much as $14,000.
  4. Average prices range from $20 to $60 per square foot or $30 to $150 per linear foot, with big, complicated projects including high-end materials costing up to $125 per square foot on the high end.

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