How To Install Goat Fence?

This solution for goat fence requires that steel posts be driven into the ground at regular intervals and that the panel be attached to the post using either wire clamps or — my personal favorite — zip ties.In order to construct a panel that is more robust, you must ensure that the fence posts are located on the boundary of the enclosure.Goats are going to stand on this fence in order to push it with the weight of their bodies.

How do you keep goats out of your yard?

Instead of attaching the wire panels to the surface of the fence post’s exterior, do it on the surface of the post’s inside.In this manner, when goats inevitably push against it, they will be forcing the hardware into the post, rather than gradually moving it out of the post.In a similar fashion, the gates should be hinged so that they open toward the goat yard rather of swinging open and allowing the goats to escape.

What size posts do I need for a sheep and goat fence?

In order to avoid movement, the brace and corner posts should be constructed out of treated timber with a diameter of between 6 and 8 inches and should be driven into the ground at a depth of at least 3 and a half feet.A sheep and goat fence that is 48 inches tall might be supported by a post that is eight feet long, leaving an additional six inches at the top for one electrified line wire.

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