How To Take Out Fence Posts?

  • Applying force in an upward direction is the key to successfully removing a fence post.
  • This ensures that you are not working against the force exerted by the ground on each side of the buried post.
  • This can be accomplished with the use of a jack or other piece of machinery, or with the use of some muscle power and a lever.
  • Mike Barnes, a reader of Family Handyman, shared with us one of the most effective methods for lifting posts.

How do you remove a fence post from the ground?

  • The Straightforward Approach to Eliminating Fence Posts 1 1.
  • Dig all the way around the post until a footing of concrete that is six inches deep is exposed.
  • Wrap a chain around the concrete base of the fence post in the second step of this process.
  • Connect the chain to the High-Lift Jack, which is the third step in this process.
  • 4 In the fourth step, elevate the concrete slab by turning the lever on the high-lift jack and pulling it up and away from the ground.

How do you fix a fence post that is leaning?

  • Using a shovel, dig a trench all the way around the post.
  • It is not necessary for the trench to be dug any deeper than around one foot (0.3 m).
  • Clear away the soil that is directly around the post, as well as the dirt that is surrounding the concrete plug that is keeping the post in place.
  • When excavating around concrete, it is important to shield your eyes from any chipped concrete pieces that may go airborne.
  • Saturate the leftover dirt with water.
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Can you dig out an old fence post?

  • It can be a royal pain in the rear to remove an old fence post, particularly if the post has decayed and come off due to its age.
  • This is due to the fact that fence posts are often installed on a concrete base that is positioned at a depth of at least two feet into the earth.
  • It is possible to dig it out, but doing so will take too much time.
  • Have you ever dug a hole that was a minimum of two feet deep?

Is it easier to remove fence posts with 2 people?

Taking down fence posts requires two workers for maximum efficiency. The weight of one person might not be enough to move the post, which would make the improvised lever less effective. However, the combined weight of two people is probably going to be enough to pull the post out of the ground. Thanks!

How do you remove a fence post without removing concrete?

  • To repair a fence post without disturbing the concrete base, pulling it out of the ground is the most effective method.
  • Either a long lever and fulcrum or a vehicle jack can be used to accomplish this task.
  • In either scenario, you should begin by nailing some wood to the post so that you have something to pry against, and then you should start to work.
  • Continue to pry until the post is freed from the concrete and can be extracted in its entirety.

How do you break a concrete fence post base?

By utilizing a cold chisel and a steel mallet, you may break the concrete foundation into two or more portions. The concrete has to be broken up by driving the point of the chisel into the joint that is formed by the base of the post and the top of the concrete. It is necessary to repeat this on the other side of the post.

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Can you reuse fence posts with concrete?

The removal and reuse of posts that have a concrete foundation are the most difficult to do. This is because the concrete base is often larger than the post, which makes it more difficult to lift the post up through the earth.

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